COCO – This Cocaine gets you high!

It has been really sometimes that Kollywood comes up with movies as like #kolamaavuKokila aka COCO. Director #Nelson has beautifully scripted the story that the plot is very quirky and has seasoned it with dark comedy genre which has made the film as new Trendsetter in Tamil cinema. Actress #Nayanthara who is predominantly known for playing female-oriented stories in her recent times has made a subtle performance as a protagonist(shero) for the role of Kokila. It’s all about how the character leads her family in a bizarre situation and tackles it using her intelligence. Most of the characters in the movie like Shekar (#Yogibabu), LK, Tony would just make you LOL (laugh out loud) with their performances. Not to forget the reference to Pablo Escobar. If its #Nayanthara who elevates the scene on-screen, it is Music director #Anirudh who has just elevated each and every scene through his BGM and good tracks. Not to forget the ‘Kalyana Vayasu’ song. One of the finest works of #Anirudh. Cinematographer #SivakumarVijayan deserves applause for his good camera works. Although the movie has little nuances of #NanumRowdythan, it really keeps you entertained for its quirky story and dark comedy.

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One thought on “COCO – This Cocaine gets you high!

  • August 19, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    A good review is one which doesn’t say the story but convey the feeling of the plot… I see one such thing here… way to go 👍


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