Mitra Robot

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump launched Mitra on Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017.
  • Mitra was developed by Balaji Viswanathan- the most followed person in quora and former employee of Silicon Valley.
  • Mitra is a 5-foot tall robot developed by Invento Robotics. It is programmed to greet the customers by analyzing their facial expressions, speech recognition, etc. and give them suggestions on their consecutive visits to the same place. Eg: Suggesting the clothes based on their views in the store.
  • It can help people to open a bank account, engage with people in the party by taking pictures and playing music.
  • Mitra can understand multiple languages. Currently, it can understand English and Kannada.
  • As of now we can see and interact with Mitra in few Canara Banks and in PVR Cinemas in Bangalore.
  • You can rent Mitra for your corporate parties by visiting their official websites.
  • There was a small hitch while inaugurating Mitra. Prime minister Narendra Modi and Ivanka should have pressed their country flags consequently but they pressed it simultaneously which collapsed the bot and it finally welcomed only PM Modi.

    check out more about Mitra at

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